Sunday, December 23, 2007

I guess its winter.

Its winter, and there is a lot of snow. This weekend has been full of festive parties and lots of family time which I have actually really enjoyed. The best party will be tomorrow night though, because that one involves alcohol, yummy food and presents!

Friday, December 7, 2007


Since I'm on a little octopus kick.. look how cute my newest crocheted ones are.. the big yellow one is a zombie!!

trips are fun.

So, I'm back from my much needed trip out east. I have never doubted how much I love/need my family close to me but this trip definitely reminded me. As much I as loved being in massachusettes with billy and christy I totally missed my sisters, and Chris, and my little lolo. My heart really is split between here and the east coast. Im not saying I want to move there... i just wish they weren't so far away. Alana is soooo cute, since i couldn't possibly pick who is cuter, I will just say that Alana is my cutest almost 2 year old neice and Lo is my cutest 7 year old neice! I got to spend a lot of time with Christy and I feel like we definitely got closer.. i've always been really fond of her but seeing how great of a mom she is to Alana as well as an awesome wife to Billy definitely made me admire her even more.

Hopefully I don't go 8 months without seeing them again like i did this last time.. 8 months is to long!