Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pyrex Love.

It took about a month but I finally got it done. My mom gave me these gross old shelves a long time ago, they were off white (or maybe originally just plain white!?) and they had writing on them and they were just really ugly. But they were also free shelves so I gladly accepted them. They were the perfect thing to put all my vintage pyrex on but they were just insanely ugly.

After moving into my new place I decided I wanted to paint them before putting them back into my kitchen, but meanwhile i had about 15 boxes of pyrex just chillin' in my kitchen. Chris and I went to Lowes to pick out the paint, I wanted red but according to Chris, red is trashy and juvenile. Chris - open a design magazine.. red is COOL. But we finally ended up both liking this neat green color. A couple weeks later i finally got it painted and a week after that i started the process of handwashing every peice of pyrex to finally go home to their newly painted shelves. I have to look through a few more boxes because Im missing a few lids, hence why some of them are resting wonky on some others.. but over all, i think it all looks great!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Beans & Brews

Beans & Brews needs to change their name to Beans & We dont care what you really asked for when you ordered because we are just going to make the sickest fucking coffee drink ever and you are going to pay for it and not realize how gross it is until you are halfway home but by then you will be so angry and annoyed you won't even want to bother coming back to yell at us.

Seriously though, I have TRIED B&Bs. I really have. I would much rather support a local chain of businesses rather than starbucks, but when Starbucks has at least a tiny bit of consistency and their coffee dosn't make me want to vomit like yours its really hard to give you my money.

I know its possible for your beans to make delicious coffee. I worked at a coffee shop on 3rd South when I was 17, and was trained by a higher-up from Beans and Brews. We bought our beans and a lot of equipment from them and they also trained us on how to make the perfect shot of espresso, and my shots of espresso were some of the best many people had ever had. I know that your guidelines and way of doing things can produce a delicious coffee beverage.. so why have I never, not even once received a decent one!?

It leads me to the only other conclusion I can think of. You only hire the most inept, rude, know nothing about coffee or working in a coffee shop people you can find, and do not train them at all.

Interviewer: Do you like Coffee?
Potential Hire: Ya, like cappuccino's are cool.
Interviewer: Have you ever made a pot of coffee before?
Potential Hire: Well, we aren't allowed to drink coffee at home so I've never used a coffee maker..
Interviewer: Do you know what espresso is?
Potential Hire: The stuff in the cute little baby mugs??
Interviewer: You are HIRED!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mike Ness

Aimee was kind enough to buy me a ticket and to allow me to tag along with her and Daniel to go see Mike Ness at The Depot last night. The first act was alright, I could have done without the weird old guy commentary but the tunes were good. Don't people know by now that the only person allowed to perform the old guy kinda funny but kinda not commentary is Mike Ness? When he talks, even though its not funny or profound.. its sexy. When others do it.. not so much.

Mike Ness has gotten old. Its crazy to think that the boy I fell in love with in the Another State of Mind video is now this aged, heavier, could be my dad.. man. He is still rockin' it though. He puts the same energy into his shows currently as he did a decade ago when I first saw him.

Ergh.. A Decade? Now I feel old...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

mixtapes and sewing fun.

Chris just made this cute mixtape for me. It looks all realistic like an actual oldschool mixtape.

Just press baby! But only if you want to listen to about an hour of funny/cute lovey songs. Everything from Ben Lee to Pat Benetar.

Perfect thing to listen to tonight while a finish up a craftster swap!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My American Heart

While taking a break from mending my achin' archuleta lovin' heart I decided to check out this band I just heard about while watching an episode of the Real World on mtv. Apparently they show the name of the artist whose song they play in the background now. How convenient! They are called My American Heart and if you likey whiney over-emotional pop punk than you will LOVE them.. like I do.

You can take a listen right here.. This song is called "Speak Low if you Speak Love"..

"Oh baby baby drink the poison
We can disappear, away, away from here"

Im off to find more music so I dont listen to Archie on repeat anymore. Wendy came over last night and she looked genuinely concerned about me and this Archobsession so Im trying to fix it.

Or just listen to one more Archie song.. his rendition of Stand be Me is amazinggggg.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

wow, I really suck.

I cannot believe how emotionally invested I was in American Idol this year.

Im not an Idol fanatic, in fact the only time I ever watched it was a few episodes 5 years ago in season 2. In december I would have told you that American Idol is for weird little tween fangirls and closeted middle age homosexuals.

I was watching the news on fox one night and they showed a clip about this kid from utah who made it to the finals for American Idol and soon as I heard him sing, I became completely infatuated with him and voice. His singing is incredible and as corny as it may sound, he really touches me and i feel happy when I listen to him. I can't wait for him to be done with that show and be able to do his own songs. He is a singer and a songwriter and some of the music he has written is incredible. Its like this soulful bright eyes meets john mayer.. soft and mellow and really pretty.

You should watch this video, you will understand the Archie love.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Its getting worse...

Oh my sweet jesus. I NEED this doll!! Its a little baby archuleta doll made out of a revamped Kelli doll. Someone makes all sorts of strange little dolls and sells them (including this one) on ebay. I like how the seller says you can hang it from your rear view mirror, i could have little archie with me all day!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Chris found the picture I drew for the fan letter that Im sending to David Archuleta and he won't stop making fun of me. I just didn't want to only send a letter, I wanted something to include that would make it stick out and he would be more likely to respond because I NEED a glossy 8x10 with his cute little chicken scratch autograph.

Things you will see in West Valley. Exhibit #1

I've decided that there are just too many wonderfully bad things to see here in West Valley that I really need to share them with the world. Or just the three people that actually read the crap I write over here! So, for my first post on this topic (with sadly, many many more to come) I've chosen the beauty you see above. This truck is often parked outside my house in front of the neighbors house. It is glorious. Bumper to bumper flame action. I've always appreciated car art but this brings car art to a whole different level!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

my life.

Sometimes I feel like my entire life can be summed up by the idiotic happenings of my daily life. For example: Tonight, I decided to go get some grocery shopping done. I go to the store, I spend the time wandering the aisles filling my cart with the things I need and head to the front of the store to pay for said things. Being the non-timewaster that I try to be I decide to get in the line that sells cigarettes so I won't have to stop at the gas station on the way home. I get in line not knowing that the people in front of me would then waste 30 minutes of my life while trying to explain in broken english to the the cashier that the items they are trying to "purchase" are indeed on the approved item list for their W.I.C. coupons. But they aren't. 30 minutes pass and they finally figure out what they can actually take home without having to pay for and they leave. Finally.. my turn! I get to my little spot in front of the cashier only to then find out that they don't even fucking sell the brand of cigarettes I smoke! The cashier can tell that I'm visibly about to lose it and tries her best to apologize. Its not her fault, its the fucking universes fault.

The universe that gets off on torturing me on a daily basis.

Its pretty much the story of my life, just substituting one stupid thing for another. If I can possibly pick the worst line at the store to get into, I'll pick it. If i decide to switch lanes into the other lane thats moving faster, it will immediately come to a standstill. If I decide to go check the mail outside, It won't be there but as soon as I'm back inside and I've taken my shoes off I will see the mailman drive up to my mailbox. It goes on and on and on and never.fucking.stops.