Monday, August 18, 2008

Nothing of Any Importance.

Kelly got eliminated from project runway. This makes me sad.

I have re-discovered my love of Dr. Mario and I RULE at it.

I heart conversations with Maddie.

Lora is the best Grandma Georgina ever.

I got to see my brother Joe tonight.

School is kicking my ass.

Friendships seem to be fading.

Need to fly away to Boston and see family out there.

Helping my mom clean out her garage is HARD.

Kitty Litter sucks up spilled oil.

Traffic on the west side BLOWS.

The neat paper store up on Highland had no owl paper. Must steal Aimee's.

Wishing I still enjoyed stealing stuff from my big sister.

Should be working.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Project Runway Episode #2 and #3

School is kicking my bum so I didn't have time during last week to post anything about the second episode so I'm doing a 2 for 1 post! I really liked episode #2, I liked the organic-green fabric aspect of the challenge and for the most part I thought everyones dresses were really pretty - except for the dress that won! I was not feeling Suede's dress at all. It wasn't all that flattering and the fit on the back was bad. Sure, he definitely put a lot of thought and time into it but I can work on something for 24 hours straight - doesn't mean that it will be pretty! The tutu-ballerina look has been done a million times (even by me!) and it didn't strike me as a pretty cocktail dress at all.
I thought Kendel's dress should have won - she came in second and her dress was gorgeous and fit like a glove. I loved the big collar and the color - everything about it was perfect. Wesley got eliminated and i was totallllly ok with that - his dress was bad and he was one of the only designers that I felt treated his model rudely for the fabric she picked out.

Winner: Suede
Sent Home: Wesley

did they get it right?

half right!

Episode 3 was really interesting to watch - I love the challenges when they send them on field trips and they get to find their own inspiration for that are making. This episode was more half and half where the dresses that were good - were really good and the bad.. were bad. There were quite a few that I really loved. If I had to pick a most favorite (ok I lied - I have two favorites!) would be Kenley's and Kelli's.

Kenley's dress was really interesting and pretty. It seemed like had she changed even one thing it could have ended up really badly but everything was perfect and I liked how Kelli's had a perfect mix of so many different materials from sweater knit to leather but it all fit together perfectly. There were a lot that I didn't like but I think the worst were were Emily's and Keith's. They were both really bad but in different ways. Emily's dress could have turned out a lot better if the placement of the crazy ruffles were different - she put them in the weirdest spot possible but the black dress underneath seemed sewn well and fit nicely. I can't think of anything that could have saved Keith's dress and I completely agree with Micheal Kors when he said it looked like "toilet paper caught in a windstorm". It was shapeless and honestly, where would ANYONE wear that dress?? I was shocked when Keith was in and Emily was out.. because while both dresses were bad, Emily's dress was a little less bad and with a little bit of editing could have been wearable - what would have helped Keith's?

Winner: Kenley
Sent Home: Emily

did they get it right?

Again, half right! Emily should have stayed.