Sunday, February 17, 2008

Set the date!

So.. after much procrastination Chris and I have finally set a date to get married.. and I think we have got a pretty good idea of what we would like as far as a reception goes. Looks like we will be getting married on Friday the 13th of June. I was thinking maybe the first weekend of June, but that is Lo's birthday plus it just seems cool to do it on friday the 13th.. I have to talk to my dad, but i want to have the "reception" two days later on that sunday at his house. It will be the perfect weather for a fun, casual outdoor bbq with cake, lots of people that I love, and maybe even a few tacky decorations.

Im positive my dad will think its a great idea. I think between myself and the creativity of my sisters and Janell that it will turn out nice and pretty inexpensive. I think thats a lot of the reason I've put off making any real plans. Neither of our parents are in a position to help financially and Im not going into debt for a wedding! I don't even like weddings but after thinking about it as much as I have.. i've decided to just do it my way. I think I was scared of people thinking it was tacky but I really dont care. I don't like dresses, or flowers, or doing the freakin' chicken dance. I just like Chris, and want to marry him so I'm doing it my way.


rockandcookies said...

Hooray for reading about it on your blog! (And hooray in general!)

Sarah Bellum said...

Sounds like a perfect plan! I can't wait!

Lori said...

hooray... i can help you sew some of those tacky decorations if you'd like me to. :)