Saturday, July 19, 2008

Project Runway Episode #1

I finally got around to watching the newest season of Project Runway's premiere episode and it definitely was not a disappointment! Its probably my favorite show on television! I have a tendency to pick favorites right off the bat, pretty much based on looks and the first few clips of their portfolio they show. Last year my favorites were Sweet Pea, Christian and Kat. This year I think my favorites are Kelli, Leanne and Emily.

None of the guys grabbed my attention at all. I thought the blue plastic cup dress, while yes, sure it was innovative due to being made out of plastic cups.. was a little over rated by the judges. It really wasn't an exceptional looking dress. Had it been made out of blue fabric it would have been considered boring and ill fitting I think. I was excited to see what Keith would come up with.. because he's the first person representin' from the SLC on the show, but his dress totally fell short too.. so many people used table cloths but at least the girls were smart enough to use solid colored ones so it at least looked like fabric and not a checkered tablecloth.. then all of the fishnet he added.. egh, i just didn't get it and the fact that he called it the most "sexy" dress out of them all was kind of funny. There is nothing sexy about a checkered tablecloth. Sorry!

My favorite ended up being the winner! Kelli made a rad dress out of vacuum cleaner bags. Everything about her dress was creative and innovative and she was one of the few designers that made me curious about her future creations. Kelli is seriously amazing, I have been following her work for over 5 years.. we were both in the LBG group, It was a small group of designers that mostly sold on ebay and she is definitely an inspiration.. She started out selling her stuff on ebay and now look at her! It kind of makes me feel like I can do it too...

Winner: Kelli
Sent Home: Jerry

did they get it right?

fo sho'!


Melliferous Pants said...

I have a girl crush on Kenley.

Suzanne said...

Kenley is suuper cute! I loved her dress this week :)