Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Garden Update!

Our garden is doing soooo good, for the most part. If I had known what I know now.. I would have done a few things differently but for being the first garden I've ever grown I'm pretty pleased! The empty spot is where we planted cantelopes and watermelon but they both died for some reason. I had no idea that squash and zucchini plants grew as big as they did so they are all squeezed in with each other and are getting bigger by the day! They have almost overgrown my pumpkin and my onions are hidden within the zucchini leaves.

We still have to find some tomato posts, Chris tried to go to Lowes and get some but the lady there pretty much acted like he was retarded for not already having them and they were sold out. We have to find some soon though because I think our tomatoes are getting to the point that they really need them. I hope our corn produces something, I've heard from a few people that corn dosn't do well unless there is a ton of it. The corn plants are growing tall and look great but I guess we will have to wait and see!


Pants said...

Awesome! I love gardening. Stuff just tastes better when you grow it at home. :-)

Jessica said...

I want tomatoes that smile!!!

rockandcookies said...

Bah. I have tomato cages in the back yard, I think. Probably right where Irma left them. How much do I suck now? Irma's been dead for two and a half years and nobody's moved her tomato cages out of the garden. At least her roses are doing well despite my efforts to kill them. Shit. The gardens are haunted aren't they. Now you have to take her tomato cages and maybe her ghost will go with them to your garden. Or maybe she'll get pissed off and start screwing around with the lights in my house. Oh look how I've created quite the dilemma and all I was trying to say was "You should steal my tomato cages tomorrow." and now I'm going to be up half the night worrying about the ghost of a dead old lady who I never met but still get junk mail for sometimes, and the fact that I'm a bad person for never getting around to cleaning out the gardens and flower beds.