Sunday, June 29, 2008

Straight Outta Compton! Or the Mountains.. whatevs.

That picture pretty sums up the most recent camping trip. No, just jokes. It really was a great time, mostly due to the fact that my awesome friend Maddie came along for the fun! We were awesome and drove up just the two of us in my brothers truck and brought two big ass dirt bikes in the bed up into the mountains vagina.

Well its only 13 miles into the mountain but half of it is really fucked up dirt with rocks and a straight up cliff style drop off one one side that apparently 16 year old boys that drive jeeps that they really can't drive and Dodge Neons navigate up.

Both stories (the dumb boy driver, and neon) are really to stupid and long to even repeat. Pretty much, us girls rule and kicked that mountains ass. TWICE.

Smoked too many cigarettes, enjoyed lots of applefuntimegoodness, had really good almost therapeutic conversations with a rad girl, built the fire all by myself, had magical moments in the forest, was cold, was hot, almost annihilated my hymen, and fed Cuz lots of dog treats.

Camping RULES.

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Melliferous Pants said...

This weekend was definitely superfuntimegoodness. Thanks for having me along!