Thursday, May 1, 2008

my life.

Sometimes I feel like my entire life can be summed up by the idiotic happenings of my daily life. For example: Tonight, I decided to go get some grocery shopping done. I go to the store, I spend the time wandering the aisles filling my cart with the things I need and head to the front of the store to pay for said things. Being the non-timewaster that I try to be I decide to get in the line that sells cigarettes so I won't have to stop at the gas station on the way home. I get in line not knowing that the people in front of me would then waste 30 minutes of my life while trying to explain in broken english to the the cashier that the items they are trying to "purchase" are indeed on the approved item list for their W.I.C. coupons. But they aren't. 30 minutes pass and they finally figure out what they can actually take home without having to pay for and they leave. Finally.. my turn! I get to my little spot in front of the cashier only to then find out that they don't even fucking sell the brand of cigarettes I smoke! The cashier can tell that I'm visibly about to lose it and tries her best to apologize. Its not her fault, its the fucking universes fault.

The universe that gets off on torturing me on a daily basis.

Its pretty much the story of my life, just substituting one stupid thing for another. If I can possibly pick the worst line at the store to get into, I'll pick it. If i decide to switch lanes into the other lane thats moving faster, it will immediately come to a standstill. If I decide to go check the mail outside, It won't be there but as soon as I'm back inside and I've taken my shoes off I will see the mailman drive up to my mailbox. It goes on and on and on and never.fucking.stops.

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rockandcookies said...

I heard the universe did something nice for you the other day, like putting a certain hoot-owl directly in Daniel's sight path :)