Thursday, May 22, 2008

wow, I really suck.

I cannot believe how emotionally invested I was in American Idol this year.

Im not an Idol fanatic, in fact the only time I ever watched it was a few episodes 5 years ago in season 2. In december I would have told you that American Idol is for weird little tween fangirls and closeted middle age homosexuals.

I was watching the news on fox one night and they showed a clip about this kid from utah who made it to the finals for American Idol and soon as I heard him sing, I became completely infatuated with him and voice. His singing is incredible and as corny as it may sound, he really touches me and i feel happy when I listen to him. I can't wait for him to be done with that show and be able to do his own songs. He is a singer and a songwriter and some of the music he has written is incredible. Its like this soulful bright eyes meets john mayer.. soft and mellow and really pretty.

You should watch this video, you will understand the Archie love.


Sarah said...

OK, that video did totally make me smile. I still haven't ever heard the kid sing, though I did vote for him BECAUSE YOU TRICKED ME!

drop dead chris said...

nothing to be sad about here because you know the kid is still going to get big and have some cd's coming out soon.