Friday, May 30, 2008

Beans & Brews

Beans & Brews needs to change their name to Beans & We dont care what you really asked for when you ordered because we are just going to make the sickest fucking coffee drink ever and you are going to pay for it and not realize how gross it is until you are halfway home but by then you will be so angry and annoyed you won't even want to bother coming back to yell at us.

Seriously though, I have TRIED B&Bs. I really have. I would much rather support a local chain of businesses rather than starbucks, but when Starbucks has at least a tiny bit of consistency and their coffee dosn't make me want to vomit like yours its really hard to give you my money.

I know its possible for your beans to make delicious coffee. I worked at a coffee shop on 3rd South when I was 17, and was trained by a higher-up from Beans and Brews. We bought our beans and a lot of equipment from them and they also trained us on how to make the perfect shot of espresso, and my shots of espresso were some of the best many people had ever had. I know that your guidelines and way of doing things can produce a delicious coffee beverage.. so why have I never, not even once received a decent one!?

It leads me to the only other conclusion I can think of. You only hire the most inept, rude, know nothing about coffee or working in a coffee shop people you can find, and do not train them at all.

Interviewer: Do you like Coffee?
Potential Hire: Ya, like cappuccino's are cool.
Interviewer: Have you ever made a pot of coffee before?
Potential Hire: Well, we aren't allowed to drink coffee at home so I've never used a coffee maker..
Interviewer: Do you know what espresso is?
Potential Hire: The stuff in the cute little baby mugs??
Interviewer: You are HIRED!


rockandcookies said...

So true. The one by my house has been open for long enough now that they have no excuse... Except now you've explained the reason they're so terrible.

mushbelly said...

I am absolutely addicted to Beans and Brews iced mochas. Maybe I'm just a mormon coffee drinker - so I don't know any better, but really, I can hardly get through the day without one. What Beans and Brew are you going to, and what are you ordering?