Saturday, May 24, 2008

My American Heart

While taking a break from mending my achin' archuleta lovin' heart I decided to check out this band I just heard about while watching an episode of the Real World on mtv. Apparently they show the name of the artist whose song they play in the background now. How convenient! They are called My American Heart and if you likey whiney over-emotional pop punk than you will LOVE them.. like I do.

You can take a listen right here.. This song is called "Speak Low if you Speak Love"..

"Oh baby baby drink the poison
We can disappear, away, away from here"

Im off to find more music so I dont listen to Archie on repeat anymore. Wendy came over last night and she looked genuinely concerned about me and this Archobsession so Im trying to fix it.

Or just listen to one more Archie song.. his rendition of Stand be Me is amazinggggg.

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Sarah said...

Listened. NOW I get it.