Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mike Ness

Aimee was kind enough to buy me a ticket and to allow me to tag along with her and Daniel to go see Mike Ness at The Depot last night. The first act was alright, I could have done without the weird old guy commentary but the tunes were good. Don't people know by now that the only person allowed to perform the old guy kinda funny but kinda not commentary is Mike Ness? When he talks, even though its not funny or profound.. its sexy. When others do it.. not so much.

Mike Ness has gotten old. Its crazy to think that the boy I fell in love with in the Another State of Mind video is now this aged, heavier, could be my dad.. man. He is still rockin' it though. He puts the same energy into his shows currently as he did a decade ago when I first saw him.

Ergh.. A Decade? Now I feel old...

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