Thursday, June 19, 2008

Never Grow Up.. Never Fall in Love.

I really never thought I would ever, EVER say this.. but the new Alkaline Trio is pretty close to horrible. Maybe its not horrible.. but its not good. Not even a little.

I've been having an over a decade long love affair with this band and this album is almost heart breaking.

If I had to pick only one thing that made them amazing.. it would be the lyrics. They have written some amazing songs with lyrical gems like "
and maybe i'll catch fire. something warm to hold me, something pure to burn away the darkness that hides inside my mind." and " He likes to spill all of his guts On the top of a well stocked bar
And then swallow them bit by bit remembering every scar As a valid reason for every drink" or how about "
I'm dying tomorrow, Did I do it right Did I remember to sleep in, Take lots of pills or Commit irreversible sins."

I could write down words from their songs for hours.. and I can think back to a certain point in time.. being drunk, or sad or even really fucking happy and being so glad that I had their music to listen to. The memories they have given me are priceless but even beyond that.. The Alkaline Trio have been somewhat of a bonding thing between me and my sisters. I think they are the only band that all three of us absolutely love and we all get the same sick tingle when we listen to them. I have so many sister-memories involving them.. from the time i played "Fuck you Aurora" in Rand's bookroom for Aimee to hear.. or when Aimee and I waited outside their bus like little fangirls just to be able to say Hi! to them and I still remember the heartfelt thing Aimee said to Dan about his songs. I remember driving to Cali for my birthday and fucking rocking out so hard with Wendy.. sweating and screaming along. Someday I will see to it that we really do get sister-tattoo's involving the whole "mishaps always happen in three's" idea.

I think all of that is why this new album is depressing me! There are no lines to fawn over. Not once did I hit the back button because I just had to hear that again.. in fact, I hit the forward button more than once. Their previous album Crimson almost left me speechless and this new one is making my mouth verbally vomit. I just hold those two boys to such high standards that writing songs with lyrics like " Love Love Kiss Kiss Bla Bla Bla" or "
And I feel a miracle, In every breath that I breathe, Won't let this miracle, End in tragedy " is just not acceptable.

I guess they aren't boys anymore. They grew up and fell in love.


rockandcookies said...

Sad. I haven't heard it.

Mamba said...

REALLY?!? I can't even believe it. My love affair with these guys has also lasted 10 years or so...I haven't heard the new stuff, it's unfortunate to hear it's not as good as the good stuff.
P.S..."I'm Dying Tomorrow" is my life's anthem. Dude.

Suzanne said...

DUDE! "Im dying tomorrow" is pretty much my lifes anthem! I would still suggest you take a listen to it.. maybe you will connect with some of the songs.. but I really didn't. I would love to hear what you think of it... :)

Crystal said...

i, too, have been an alkaline trio fan for the past 10 years almost - the first song i ever heard was Cooking Wine - sorry i'm late, i was out spoiling my liver...i can't see straight but the two of you look awfully pretty and then i fell in love with them and every album they put out until this new one. i kept hitting the forward button too. hopefully it will grow on me and they won't just play every song from A&I. i want to hear old shit!

i honestly think hanging out with audrina patridge and lauren conrad tainted their whole music making ability.


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